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Are you ready? We are excited to get started!
STEP 1: Start Design to submit a design request using the electronic form. 
STEP 2: Pay 20% Deposit via PayPal invoice.
STEP 3: Provide Feeback once you receive your project within 24-48hrs or designated deadline. 
Need more time? Schedule a discovery meeting.
Standard Services:
$75   Graphic Design w/unlimited edits
$100 Motional Graphics w/unlimited edits
$150 Promo Video (60sec) w/filming and edit
$195 Logos w/unlimited edits
$250 Startup Brand Package 
            - Event Flyer
            - Web Banner
            - Countdown Sequence
            - Profile Frame
Additional Services:
- Custom Brand Package
- Product Demos
- Webisodes
- Music Videos
- Documentaries
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