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As the national conversation of The State of Black America continues to make tremendous advancements in the pursuit of equity on the hill; our voice, as young professionals is essential to movement as the leaders for generations now and forever.


I strongly believe the true measure of our success as our organization is built on the impact made by our local chapters. If elected, I will further contribute my expertise in brand development and media production to help chapters jump start their marketing strategies by providing tools and resources to help maximize their results.


With your support and vote, we will make the NULYP brand bigger and stronger than ever!

Let's Connect

Got questions? I would love the opportunity to speak with you more in depth to discuss my vision for the upcoming term and learn how I can support your chapter in this role. 


Communication is the glue that ensures our message is heard across the nation and worldwide. If elected, I have listed below a few targets that will support our organization's internal and external efforts to increase our communities impact: 


  • Provide more brand content for local chapters related to national programming and advocacy initiatives (file links, canva templates, media post). 

  • Equip and empower local chapter chairs with expertise and tools to create brand content and strategies to increase engagement (style guides, technology application). 

  • Build a programmatic template calendar of annual programs to allow local chapters to forecast and align programming.

  • Synchronize all communication platforms including social media to streamline alerts, deadlines, and access to resources for local chapters and members (newsletter, social media, text).

  • Increase exposure of local chapter service impact and membership highlights and accomplishments.

  • Create a customer service component via email, link or a third party to support frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Urban League Leadership & Service:


2015 - 2016

  • DFWULYP Leadership Development Committee Member

  • DFWULYP Marketing/Communications Committee Member 

  • DFWULYP Male Member of The Year

  • Annual Report Assembly Team

2016 - 2017

  • DFWULYP Executive Board as Communications Chair

  • DFWULYP Leadership Development Co-Chairman 

  • DFWULYP Male Executive Board Member of The Year

  • National Urban League YP Communication Team Member

  • Attended National Urban League Conference (Baltimore, MD)

  • Annual Report Assembly Team


  • DFWULYP Executive Board as Leadership Development Chair

  • National Urban League YP Communication Team Member

  • DFWULYP Marketing/Communications Committee Member

  • Attended National Urban League Conference (St. Louis, MO)

  • Attended Urban League Legislative Policy Conference (Washington, D.C.)

  • Annual Report Assembly Team


  • National Urban League Emerging Leader

  • National Urban League YP Communication Team Member

  • DFWULYP Marketing/Communications Committee Member

  • Attended National Urban League Conference (Columbus, OH)

  • Attended Whitney M. Young Conference (New Orleans, LA)

  • Attended NUL Gala (New York, NY)

  • Attended Urban League Legislative Policy Conference (Washington, D.C.)

Design & Media Contributions

About The Candidate


A proud native of Dallas. Across DFW, his creative and one-of-a-kind talent is one of Dallas’ best hidden secrets. A man of many hats, his design firm aims to creatively support business owners and companies by providing high quality media content including graphic design, music production and film. 


He is a proud graduate of Southern University and A&M College with a bachelors and masters in political science and public administration. Since college he has been faithfully active in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He has received honors such as brother of the year and a regional service award for his dedication in various positions on local, regional and national levels. His college experience witnessed the effects of both Hurricane Katrina and Gustav which inspired him to give back and help minority students succeed in college. His thesis offered solutions on how to convert and stabilize HBCU’s into performance based compliance. Staring at Southern University, He dedicated 12 years of career experience as a university administrator for various colleges including the Dallas County Community College District and the University of Texas at Dallas.


A member of the Urban League Movement since 2015. In 2016 he was awarded Male Member of the Year and in 2017 he was honored as Male Executive Board Member. He previously served as Marketing chair and Leadership Development chair for the DFW Urban League Young Professionals. On the national level, he designed content for the Bounce Back Advocacy Campaign ​and National Day of Empowerment STEAM Conference as part of the communications team since 2016. For his contributions, he was selected as 2018-2019  National Urban League Emerging Leader. 

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